Monolithic dome

Monolithic Dome is thin wall reinforced concrete shell structure. The structure provides safe shelter for the people in the area with hurricanes and earthquakes. This technique is an effective alternative to conventional methods. A Monolithic Dome is a structure cast in a one-piece form. A curve rotated about a central axis to form a surface, creates a Dome. Monolithic domes are not only unique and eye catching, but studies have shown them to be exponentially energy efficient. They use 50% less energy than traditionally built structure of similar size.

Domes are designated as tornado shelters. Three brothers David, Barry and Randy built and patented the first monolithic dome in 1975. The construction of monolithic dome with proper earth sheltering will withstand bomb blast more effectively. Sizes : very small 2.5 m- very large 80m diameter domes. Building consist of :

an outer airtight form
polyurethane foam
reinforced concrete

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